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About Southgate Animal Hospital

Southgate Animal Hospital has over 60 years of experience providing expert veterinary care. In addition to our medical services, we also offer boarding for dogs and cats in our fully supervised boarding facilities.

We pride ourselves on caring for your pets as if they were our own. Whether your pets need routine checkups or more serious medical care, you can be sure they’re in great hands at Southgate Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Casey Siljestrom, DVM

Dr. Casey Siljestrom received her B.S. degree in Zoology and Neuroscience from Florida State University (2012) and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Public Health degrees from the University of Florida (2016). After graduation, she moved back to her hometown of Sarasota, FL where she is currently the Managing Veterinarian at Southgate Animal Hospital. She specializes in surgery and is committed to continuing education and developing the most current and least invasive surgical techniques. She loves working with pets and their owners to provide optimal and pain-free medical care.

Dr. Siljestrom discovered her love for animals early on when she visited SeaWorld at the age of four. She spent her youth volunteering at the Sarasota Sheriff’s Animal Rescue and earned her Girl Scout Gold Award designing and building two large multi-level cement waterfalls with pools for the 32 tigers housed at Big Cat Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary in Sarasota. As a teenager, she raised several snakes, large breed lizards, and even a baby opossum as pets.

Dr. Siljestrom is passionate about mentoring young women who aspire to pursue careers in the STEM fields. As a survivor of Ewing’s sarcoma, she is a frequent speaker and a staunch advocate for pediatric cancer research. She and her husband, Colby, met at FSU and, after marrying, traveled together to UF where Colby earned his MBA. They have two young sons, Levi and Finn, a standard poodle named Jonah, and a Devon Rex cat named Petey.

Dr. Josie Hamilton, DVM

Dr. Hamilton is originally from Huntsville, Alabama. After spending her freshman year of undergraduate study at Smith College in Massachusetts, she completed a Bachelor degree (major in Psychology, minors in Biology and Chemistry) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Her education continued at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. After earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, she went on to complete an internship in veterinary medicine and surgery at Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Florida.

Most recently, Dr. Hamilton has endeavored to become certified in small animal veterinary acupuncture through the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (based in Reddick, FL). She became interested in Chinese Medicine and practicing acupuncture for her veterinary patients after an injury left her in chronic pain and with decreased range of motion in her neck. When western medicine failed to resolve the pain and stiffness she experienced, Dr. Hamilton turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture and herbal supplements have been the only thing that has given her long-term, significant relief, and allowed her to get back to the activities she loves to do. Although western medicine is the backbone of her practice, Dr. Hamilton also offers an eastern medical (or integrated western and eastern) approach to her patients for various disease processes.

Dr. Hamilton’s special interests include Fear Free™ veterinary visits, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and acupuncture, animal behavior, soft tissue surgery, dermatology, nutrition, shelter medicine, and pathology. Being Fear Free™ certified, Dr. Hamilton is acutely aware of the stress veterinary visits can cause for patients. She takes extra care and time with your four-legged family members, as well as utilizing positive reinforcement and occasionally sedation (only if necessary), so that they have the most pleasant vet visits possible.

Dr. Adam Cohen, DVM

Dr. Adam Cohen completed his undergraduate studies at Oneonta State College in chemistry in 1979. In 1982 he received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Araneta University Veterinary Institute. He completed an internship at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines before going into private practice in New York where he built his first practice, All Pets Animal Hospital. He practiced there from 1986-1997. In 1997 he was hired as V.P. of Operations for Affiliated Animal Health of NY & NJ. Following this successful venue, he moved to Sarasota where he purchased and remodeled Southgate Animal Hospital. Dr. Cohen resides with his wife, Dawn, four children; Ocean, Skylar, Taylor, Hunter, dog “Teddy.” Dr. Cohen is very proud to announce that his daughter Ocean graduated in May 2015 from Tufts Veterinary School.